Friday, November 30, 2012

Take that anxiety!

Over the last couple weeks, I've been having these little heart jumps followed by my breath catching.  I didn't think much of it and it would go away after 1-2 seconds.  Then, the frequency was increasing and increasing.  On Wednesday, it was to the point that I couldn't move and it was causing me to not be able to breathe for a few minutes.  So I went to the doctor.  And of course, she prescribed me some Xanax.  She also ordered a blood panel, but thought the Xanax would help in the mean time.  Well, I took 1 pill and was drowsy and groggy for the entire day.  I couldn't stand on my feet for more than 60 seconds.  It was terrifying and horrible.  I'm hoping that I get some answers from the blood panel.  In the mean time, I've been trying breathing exercises and relaxing and trying to take control.  So today, after Grace's special day, we decorated for Christmas.  It definitely brought some peace and relaxation to our home.  Maybe not the actual decorating part, but there's something magical about Christmas decorations.  :)

Our Christmas tree.  It's 32 inches tall.  Then we have a bronze reindeer and sleigh, wooden duck, vase with ornaments, and countdown blocks to Christmas

Goofy and Mickey getting their Christmas tree. :)

Belle's gown

Nutcracker Mickey

Winter Micke and Minnie ice skating

A little lighted village

Willow Tree Nativity and our stack of Christmas children's books.  There are 19 so far.  We just need 5 more to have one to read every night of December before Christmas.

Mickey and Tigger on rocking chairs.  They turn on and tell part of the Night Before Christmas story.  Both kids think they are hilarious.

We sang Christmas songs and I let Grace put an ornament up.  We did have one break, but that was due to silly me dropping one.  It was a great night and I really hope this anxiety can get under control soon.  It's not the most horrible feeling, but it's a lot like having the hiccups non stop for hours on end.  Really obnoxious, but not the worst thing in the world.  Hopefully it will go away soon.

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Karissa said...

Sorry you've been feeling anxious- it's the worst! And I'm glad Christmas decorations are helping. If it comes back, here are some non-medicine ideas maybe to try...

I know before you were running- are you still doing that? Exercise can be really helpful against anxiety. If you can't run, going for a walk every day could help too... unless you already are. =)

Also, sometimes it can be helpful to track your anxiety (just notice it for a few days) and then identify when it starts/ peaks, and see if there's a pattern or theme, and then address causes.

I actually could write pages about anxiety, but I'll stop there. If you want you can call me or email me too. Being a trauma therapist means dealing with LOTS of anxiety, and the biggest thing is that everyone is so different, so it can take some patience to figure out the best way to manage because you have to find your own personal solution. Love ya!