Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Disneyland... Again :)

We had such a fun time at Disneyland over the weekend. Here are some fun pictures...Align Center
On the Tea Cups. Getting SUPER dizzy!
Waiting for the Fireworks to start. It was magical! Tinkerbell and Dumbo flew over the castle!
Getting off splash mountain. We got SOAKED!
Getting ready to play the whole day at Disneyland! Woohoo!
It's a HUGE celebration at Disneyland. We got buttons that said "I'm celebrating"
Taking a nice picture in front of the castle. We love Disneyland!
Right over Pirate's of the Carribean on the stair case up to the Magical Suite.
In the back of New Orleans Square.
Our future house... Just kidding! Us in front of the The Haunted Mansion.
In Pooh's Corner.
In front of the Rivers of America. The sun was BLINDING me!
Trying to get in to visit the White Rabbit!
Trying to get the sword out of the anvil.
Sneaking a kiss in front of the castle.

The mouse that started it all with the man that started it all. Walt is so amazing! We had such a fun time and can't wait to go back!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baby Bunkins

My sister and her hubby up and left us to go to Texas for law school. And unfortunately they took their babies with them. We miss our nephews SOOOOOOOO much so I thought I would post a couple pictures from memory lane. :)

This is Erik eating his cupcake at his fake first birthday. They turn one later this month but we were going to miss it so we celebrated early. :)

David was a much neater eater. He didn't like digging in to the cake and ended up crying later because he got dirty. He seems to be a lot like his daddy.

Here's Robby holding David and me holding Erik. The boys definitely have their favorites. :)

This was their first doctor appointment. They weighed barely 5 pounds. David is on the left and Erik is on the right. The look so tiny in those carriers.

This was their last trip in their car seats. They got new ones in Texas and we get to keep these for when we bring home our baby/babies.

They keep getting older and older. Hopefully we'll give them some more cousins soon to play with (even though they are so far away).


At Girl's Camp, I had the opportunity to be over the 4th years. This group of girls was AMAZING. We went on an 8 mile overnight backpacking hike (which was not just walking for 8 miles, it was straight up or straight down or switch backs. My husband went on it without a pack, and wanted to die. I can't say I blame him). Before we went, as a little treat, we took the girls rappelling. I am TERRIFIED of heights, but one of the girls said she would not go unless I did. I tried to convince her that I went as a 4th year so that counted. That didn't fly bye her so I had to rappel. Here's some pictures of my adventure.

You can kind of see how far up I was. It was about 40 or 50 feet. You can't tell, but I was jumping about 5 feet off the wall, because it was actually kind of fun.

Safe back on the ground. My legs were shaking. But I would totally do it again, though next time I would want my own harness and my helmet. Those things just make me feel so much safer. :)