Friday, January 30, 2009

Just some thoughts...

I decided that sometimes it's really annoying to be a girl. The range of emotions today has been of the scale. I went from tired and annoyed, to euphoric, to feeling like punching something, to wanting to blast some music and dance. I feel like I have ADD. It's SO not normal for me to have such a wide range of emotions. Especially because the only thing I did was work and read. I'm hoping the euphoria will set back in because that part of my day was really nice. I couldn't take the smile off my face even though I had some really grumpy people at work today (but I successfully made their day better by being happy and cheerful!) So I'm going to concentrate on the thing that is making me euphoric and that is (other than my hubby) the fact that we are going back to the doctor February 5th! That's this Thursday! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! There aren't enough O's in the world to complete that! It's our consultation appointment and we'll see how it goes but I'm glad to be moving forward. It also makes me feel happy to be a woman and hopefully be able to carry a baby in me for 9 months and to be a mother (though I know I could be a mother without those 9 months). Which brings me full circle. :) I feel much better after writing that all out!

I am also going to pay some tribute to my happiness in that I'm eating raw again. I feel so much better when I'm eating lots of fruits and veggies and I'm so excited for my green smoothie tomorrow! :) Everyone should try a week of raw! :) Don't hate it til you try it! :)

That's all from me! :) Gotta get back to reading New Moon for the billionth time. (which may be the reason for the mood swings...)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Trip to the Hepworths

We had an awesome trip to Utah over the 3 day weekend. We took a family picture (Jimmy needs to be photoshopped in). It was so much fun to be around the whole family. We got to meet baby Aaron and he is ADORABLE! Mom made us a Thanksgiving dinner because we weren't able to be there for it this last year. It's probably going to be until Thanksgiving this next year until we all get together again.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A trip to town...

So we were in town today to visit Kristi and the twins and to get something to eat. We went to Bajio and found out it was closed! :( It's my favorite restaurant so I was really sad. So we end up going to Costa Vida instead and we are standing in line next to American Idol BROOKE WHITE! I was so excited! She was one of my favorites last year (you can't help but love David Archuleta). So I was too shy to ask for a picture so Robby decides to do it for me. And here it is. :)

She was super down to earth (I mean the fact that she waited in line 20 minutes to get her food like the rest of us mere mortals). She talked to everyone in line and was just really sweet. She acted like she was an old friend. It was really fun to meet her and when she becomes a really famous singer, I will have this photo to remember. :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have decided to start a photography blog. :) Check it out at Let me know if you would like your pictures to be taken!

Friday, January 9, 2009


What blog update would be complete without some baby pictures?!

Me and my snuggle bunny David
Erik with Grandma Nanette and Me with Davey

David doing some tummy time!
Erik loving tummy time! And his Auntie Gigi!
Erik and Auntie Gigi
David looking at Uncie Robby, his favorite!
Erik (left) David (right) looking at the camera. They really were getting kind of annoyed with all the flashies
We just love these kiddos! They are getting so big and it's so much fun!

Temple Lights

Isn't my sweetie cute? He's such a funny guy! He was helping me by posing so I could get used to the new camera.
The temple was so pretty at night with the lights.
Here we are in front of the lights. We had a lot of fun with Steve and Kristi and the twins.

Hanging with Friends

We went and hung out with some of my old high school friends. It was a blast to see everyone again after so long. We missed a few friends who couldn't make it but it was a lot of fun.
Joanna talking to Adam
Kristin and hubby Taylor. You can't see her cute pregnant belly in this one. She's still wearing a size 4 pants and is due March 30th so it's a little annoying. :)
David and his Fiance Ashley (Adam's sister). We all thought it was a little funny that David started dating Adam's sis but I know David's excited to joing such an awesome family and we can't wait until the wedding!
Shellie and her fiance Mark. We are so excited that she's getting married and I already told her I'm going to be taking pictures. :) Check out that pretty ring on her finger!

I really need to work on this

So I haven't posted in a while... again. The holidays were a blast! Christmas was spent in Yuma with Robby's family. We were only there Christmas Eve and Christmas and then I had to work the next day. We went horse back riding on Christmas with Robby's Grandpa and had a lot of fun. We had fun spending time with Robby's family especially Connor and Jake. We had a lot of fun with my (our) Christmas present, a new camera. Here are some fun pics from the week.

Connor just loves to drive in the car. He will scream until you put him in there. But he's still a sweetheart and we love him. I can't believe he's almost 2 and a half!
Totally ready for Christmas presents! I love Christmas!
Robby on Christmas morning. He's obviously not as excited as me. :)
Grandpa Colvin riding a horse. He's such a sweet guy and I love the clouds in the background. He felt a little silly taking pictures but I'm just so happy we have record of him doing something he loves so much.
Riding the horses. Mine's name was Princess. She was totally a sass-a-frass like me so we had fun. Robby's horse was being a pill and wouldn't cooperate.