Thursday, April 15, 2010

Temporary Home

Kayla shared this on Facebook. Within seconds I was sobbing. Such a beautiful song and beautiful message.


I thought it would be fun to have a contest guessing when Baby Girl will make her official arrival and how big she will be when she arrives.

Her Estimated Date of Delivery is May 6th. 3 weeks and counting...

So leave a comment with the Date, time, weight, and height that you think Baby Girl will be.

Kayla is having that wonderful pregnancy glow right now and we had fun watching Baby Girl wiggle around in her belly last night.

On a side note, thank you all for praying and fasting with us this past week. We have felt so much peace and hope. We truly feel our Savior's love in this process and would do it all over again in a heart beat!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vacation of a Lifetime

I know you are all dying to hear about our fabulous cruise down the Mexican Riviera! Well, I won't disappoint! :) The pictures are HORRIBLY out of order but I'm too lazy to fix it! :)

This is Robby looking oh so macho in his helmet and PINK bandana! Everyone had pink but me.

On our little trip, we stopped by this canal. Our guide told us that there were alligators in the water. So of course we get out and take some pictures. I didn't want to get off of my ATV so Robby came by me to take pictures. Check out my AWESOME orange bandana!

Here we are without our yucky bandanas and helmets and enjoying the nice breeze. This was pre-sunburn! The only day we got burned was in Mazatlan and I'm definitely peeling from that day! This was our second shore excursion and was FABULOUS! We went ATVing through the city, agriculture, and on the beach. We got stuck once in the sand and had a few laughs.

This is in Cabo San Lucas. It was our last stop and by far the prettiest. We went on a little water taxi to view the sites and go to a little private beach that you can only reach by boat. When we got in the taxi, it was completely surrounded by other boats. We had to push them out of the way to get out. It was quite an experience.

Here's me on the other side of the boat. Completely covered up to protect my sunburn from the day before.

This was one of our at sea days. It was INSANELY windy but we wanted to see the sun set while out in the middle of the ocean. It was definitely worth it!

This is us back in Cabo on the water taxi. I loved that we had to wear life jackets but we didn't even snap them on. Something to hold on to if we get thrown overboard...

This was on the second to last night. It was formal night. I squeezed into my Homecoming dress from my Junior year of High School and Robby wore his trusty suit that he has worn since his mission. (He wore it on our wedding day too). This was post meal and towards the end so our bellies were definitely full!

Not the clearest picture, but this was our first night on board. We got semi-dressed up to go to eat. Once we finally find the right head waiter to cater to our Vegan-ness, dining time was probably my favorite. We sat with complete strangers and just talked. I'm pretty shy so it was a very interesting experience but definitely my favorite.

Back in Cabo (we took the most pictures there).

This was the ship right next to ours. I didn't get a close up one of ours, but it was even bigger than this one! :) We were both in awe, seeing as we've never seen a cruise ship in real life before. It was huge! We got on board and looked around and got lost several times. We eventually figured out where we were going, but it took us several days. By the end, we were still finding places we had never been.

A pirate ship that we saw. I thought it was pretty awesome!

On our little water taxi we saw sea lions. We got so close to them, it was pretty sweet. There was a cute little baby in there that they were protecting.

Me on a rock formation, terrified to go any higher.

Robby chillin' on the water taxi in front of our cruise ship. It looks tiny from how far away we were.

Once a gymnast, always a gymnast. Notice my toes are pointed. Doing handstands on the sand is VERY difficult. And gets your hands messy...

Robby at the top of the rock formation that I was too scared to climb up. He had a great time trying to climb down from there.

Our feet in the sand. The water was FREEZING but we got a nice exfoliation on our feet. They were soft for days.
Robby and I enjoying "Lovers Beach" in Cabo.

In the same spot in Cabo. The waves were HUGE behind us.

Like I said, the water was cold. I loved that they caught it on film!

What beach picture album would be complete without the heart around our initials? Robby added the footprints around the outside. Lol.

Back on the water taxi. The rock formations in Cabo were seriously breath taking!

This is Los Arcos. Every few years, the sand raises up here and people get married. Definitely keeping that in mind for a vow renewal... :)

We also went Zip lining in Puerto Vallarta but don't have our pictures for that yet. We had so much fun on this trip. We have never taken a vacation this long and have very rarely gone on a vacation without family or friends so it was a nice change of pace. It felt like no time was passing in the real world and we were just caught in a time warp. If only that were true, we would do this daily! :)