Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 8 and 9 Thankful

Wow.  This month is passing by so quickly.

Yesterday, I was thankful for Movies.  Without them, I'm fairly certain I would go crazy.  Grace loves Disney movies.  I'm able to turn one on in the morning after Joey goes down for naps, and then I can take 20-30 minutes to shower and get ready in peace.  Robby and I love watching movies together and it was the second half of our first date.  The winter season has a ton of awesome movies coming out that we are super excited for.  James Bond, Twilight, Les Miserables, The Hobbit, and more!  We will most likely be at the movies every other weekend.  :)

Today, I am grateful for our babysitter we have here.  I can call her the day before (or even the day of) to come babysit and she is always more than happy to.  She brings another little girl who is a couple months older than Grace along, and they have the best time together.  I never worry about the kids and I'm able to enjoy going on dates with Robby.  The instant she arrives, Grace runs screaming for the other little girl and they hug.  Then Joey books it over to our babysitter and gives her a big kiss.  She has made moving here so much easier knowing that I can trust someone with my children.  She's also super excited for us to foster to adopt and is willing to do additional certification so she can watch our foster kids too.  She's just incredible and we are so glad she loves our kids too!

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