Friday, August 16, 2013


We are officially DEBT FREE!  We had a little scare, but everything worked out perfectly.  Robby was in the hospital back in may and his HR person gave him the wrong insurance information since we were in the process of switching.  2 months later, we get a bill for $8300.  Needless to say we were upset.  We were so close to being debt free.  So I called the hospital billing and gave them our new insurance information.  Our new insurance sent a form for us to complete about why he was in the hospital (which is a whole other post of ridiculousness).  I filled out the form and waited.  In the mean time, we paid off the remaining debt and hoped for the best.  Well, the best happened!  The insurance paid for everything and we won't have to pay any more than our $100 deductible!  

In April of 2012, we owed $30,000 in credit card debt.  Thanks to 2 adoption tax credits, Robby's really awesome job, and my budgeting, we have paid it all off as of August 1st 2013.  Now we get to start saving!  It feels so great to not owe anyone for the first time in our marriage.  And hopefully we never will again!  I thought we would start slacking off now that we hit this point, but I feel like budgeting even more and tracking every penny so we can save even faster!