Monday, July 26, 2010

Grace in her Bumbo

Here are some of Grace sitting in her Bumbo. Her Great Grandma Manley and Great Aunt Cathy gave her gift cards so she picked out this at the store and loves it. Thanks Great Grandma and Great Aunt Cathy!

Teddy Bear Pictures

This is only a little late... Ok so just a week shy of her next month, but here is Grace at 2 months with her teddy. :)

Grace Rolls Over

Grace was starting to wiggle around during tummy time so I ran to grab the video camera. And this is what I got. After a lot of coaxing, Grace finally rolled over! :) She ended up doing it again right after so I was pretty excited. Hopefully this means lots of rolling, though that means I need to start doing a better job at baby proofing. :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Just Because...

I can't believe that tomorrow marks 10 weeks since Grace "graced" us with her presence (tee hee). In some ways it feels like just yesterday. In other ways, it feels like she has always been with us. Our home is definitely starting to look like we have a baby. As I look around from my couch, I see bottles, blankets, a bumbo, baby clothes waiting to be put in the wash, and pictures galore of our sweet angel. Yes there are a few too many dirty dishes in the sink and my pillows are not in the right place on the couch, but I am so happy for this. Being a mom has brought so much joy to my heart and my life. I love waking up and walking into her room and removing her little swaddle blanket and watching her eyes pop open and put a big smile on her face. It just warms my heart.

In other news, Grace at her last doctor's appointment weighed 11 lbs and was 24.5 inches long. She is in the 50th percentile for weight and 90th for height. She is going to be a very tall little girl. It's weird to think about now, but it makes me wonder if she will one day pass me up in height like I passed my mom up. Luckily I have another 12 years to put that off! :)

Grace is also now teething. She wants to chew on everything. Her bottles, her blankets, and her favorite, my finger. She drools like crazy now. It's so hard to see her in pain. I'm hoping teething doesn't last too long and that her teeth come in soon. Though I know that is going to bring a whole new adventure.

We also learned that Grace is allergic to dairy and soy formulas which both gave her very bad reflux and constipation. We are now trying Goats milk and she seems to be liking it. Hopefully it will help her tummy and she'll start being her happy little self again soon.

And for the most exciting news... GRACE ROLLED OVER! She was having tummy troubles and wouldn't sleep and was crying so I decided to give her a warm bath to help her tummy. She immediately calmed down and enjoyed her bath (this is a new thing for her, she used to HATE bathtime so we are pretty excited). After her bath, we got her out to dry her off and lotion her up. This is the worst part of her day in her opinion. She hates being cold (good thing we live in the warmest state ever). So she was crying while I lotioned her so I was doing it as quickly as possible. I flipped her onto her tummy so I could lotion her back and her cute little bum and she pushed with her arm and just flipped back over onto her back. I couldn't believe it. Robby and I both started getting so excited and we kind of scared Grace and made her start crying even worse. Whoops. :) I didn't take any pictures because she was just out of her bath but it was too exciting not to write down.

Other than that, I am just enjoying holding her every second possible. She doesn't enjoy nap time (or sleeping in general) so I've held her through quite a few naps so that she can get some sleep. She is very spoiled and I'm almost positive that she has changed her cry recently when she really wants to be held to sound more like her cry of when she is in pain. She is great at sticking out her pouty lip and getting mommy and daddy to do anything for her. She definitely rules the house but I'm too in love with her to care.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Robby, Angee, and Grace

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I really want to win this one! Grace would sleep so much better! :) Check it out if you want to learn more.