Friday, April 25, 2008


Just wanted to give a quick shout out to my brother in law who graduated from BYU in History. He's a riot to be around and he's great for my sis. I'm so excited they are moving back to AZ especially with their little baby "Peanut" who is due in September and is going to steal my birthday month but at least I can play with him/her. :)

Jimmy's Farewell

Can you believe my baby brother is old enough to go on a mission??? How crazy is that?

Trying to zip his suitcase up. :)

All ready to go!

I have the silliest brothers

Papa & Bubba!

I'm not his "Big" sis but I'm still older!

If you thought your family was weird...

The weirdness continues...

I swear I'm adopted!

Jimmy & Mom. She cries later.

The missionary and the parents!


They are normal.

Putting the badge on

Jimmy so excited to get on his mission!

Jimmy ready to go, and my mom not ready to see him leave.

Girls' Day!

It was snowing. I hate Utah!

Baby Heber

Isn't he a doll???

Me & Kristin

Me & Kristin
On our way into the mall. The little white stuff is snow! Blah!

Kristin getting excited to go shopping :)

Kristin and Tessa (on her good side)

Me & Alisha saying bye. :(

I'm in Utah and had a BLAST hangin' with my two besties from high school, Alisha and Kristin. We were quite a trio. We went to lunch and then went shopping (although I think Alisha was the only one who bought anything) then we went to see our other friend Tessa (and meet her boyfriend) then we went and hung out at Kristin's adorable apartment. We had so much fun stealing Alisha's baby and carrying him around. He is probably the cutest baby ever! I actually had people stop me to look at him. The pictures don't do him justice. :)
I missed being with my girls and I'm so happy Kristin is moving to AZ to be with me again! I can't wait until Alisha's hubby is finished with school so that we can convince them to move to AZ too! It really is the best!!!! :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rough Day? Don't ask!

That's one of my favorite movie quotes (Little Rascals) and it totally describes my day today. We had our dentist appointments today which I normally LOVE! No sarcasm there, seriously! I love the dentist. I have great teeth and the dentist always says so. We had a new dentist and they informed us that we would be getting just our xrays for the first visit and then we would get a cleaning at another visit. I always get so excited for cleanings because I love the feeling of teeth after they've been scraped off. It's wonderful! But instead we got the evil xrays with the little pokey things that rip up your mouth. After that was done, our Dentist discussed what was wrong with our teeth. I again had perfect teeth. :) Robby on the other hand, has terrible teeth! He needs fixing on several different teeth including one that could be a root canal for a grand total of around $5000! Yikes! We don't have that much money lying around! To tip the scale, on our way home, we got a flat tire on the freeway!
I'm trying to look on the positive side of all this, so here goes... I'm starting to understand Heavenly Father has a better plan for me. We would not have $5000 even to go into debt if we had a baby or were pregnant. I would not have my great jobs and would not be earning any money. I'm glad I had Robby in the car to change the tire because I would never be able to do it by myself. All in all, I'm glad I'm still alive, I'm happy, and I have a wonderful husband. Things will work out for the best. :)