Monday, July 27, 2009

Lessons Learned

This past week, I was at Girl's camp. It was so wonderful to feel the spirit, to feel like I'm 15 again, and to be in the mountains and enjoy God's creations. I was over the 4th years who were going on an 8 mile overnight hike. We packed our 20 pound bags with food, water, sleeping bag, and tents. Once we set up camp, the winds started. It was threatening to rain so I said a prayer. Honestly, I prayed until about 3 in the morning. One girl was very sick, was throwing up everything. So I prayed for her. The storm was all around us but it never rained on us. The sweet, sick girl was able to sleep, at least for a couple hours. We all made it back in one piece and several of the girls even said it was fun. :)

While I was gone, my good friend Shellie's mom called to get her wedding pictures. I had the wonderful opportunity to take the pictures for the wedding. It was a lot of fun and I was so glad that I got to be apart of her special day. I should've gotten them to her months ago (her wedding was in April I believe), but my crazy life didn't slow down. So, I took them to her mom's house on Friday so that when she flew to Washington the next day (where Shellie is living now) she could take them with her. I could finally stop thinking about one more thing in my life that I had to take care of. Fast forward to Saturday night... I see that I have a message from Shellie. I'm thinking "Great! She got the pictures, she loved them. Awesome!" I listen to the frantic Shellie saying "Don't erase the pictures, the cd didn't work." Crap. So I get on to my computer, no pictures are there. I'm freaking out, bawling my eyes out. Poor Robby probably thought I was possessed. I had no idea what to do. This was her wedding. I knew I would be so devastated and could only imagine how she would feel. I began praying. Robby being the computer master he is, started working on a recovery of the files. After buying a Terabyte harddrive, and 5 hours later, we recovered 35 pictures out of 700. They were all the perfect ones though, eating the cake, dancing with her dad, guests, and decorations. I knew it would not make up for the 700 but it was better than nothing. I knew my prayer had been answered. I called up Shellie and left a message on her phone. That night, I said a prayer thanking Heavenly Father for answering my prayers and for granting me peace. I also asked that He would bless Shellie to forgive me. At that very moment I heard my phone saying I had a text message. I finish my prayer and have this enormous amount of peace in my heart. I look at my phone, and it was Shellie. She wanted to tell me that the cds worked on a different computer and that she had all her pictures. ***Insert picture of me with mouth hanging wide open**** I immediately dropped to my knees to pray. I thought my prayers were answered before but I needed to learn a few lessons before He would really answer my prayer.

Lesson 1- Prayer works. Whether it is for comfort, peace, a problem, or any situation, He is listening, always.

Lesson 2- Prayers don't always get answered the way you want. I would've much rather just had the pictures work the first time and not have to buy a $120 terabyte hard drive and to be able to not have had that stress. But my faith has grown exceedingly and I know all my prayers are answered.

Lesson 3- I am a daughter of God who loves me and I love him deeply. Being at Girl's camp and remembering our theme, I am so glad that I have that knowledge. I am also grateful for my big brother, my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the chance I have to repent and to return to my Father in Heaven.

That was a long post. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to help...

I was reading this blog and learned that they were just chosen by a birth mother from giving out pass along cards to her friends and family and they passed them along to their friends and family. Her friend had given one to her hairstylist who happened to have a roommate that was pregnant. And after meeting with them, decided to place her baby with this couple. I just thought it illustrated how all of you can help Robby and I. As soon as we are certified to adopt, we will be handing out pass along cards for all of you to help with too. I hope you are all doing well! :)