Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grace's birth mom Kayla comes to visit

I love having an open adoption. Kayla was able to come and just visit with Grace. At first, Grace pulled her normal "YOU'RE NOT MOM!!!" routine, but after a little while of me sitting right next to Kayla, and reassuring her I wasn't going anywhere, Grace warmed right up.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grace Eating Solids

I made Grace her first baby food! I made some organic sweet potatoes. I peeled them, boiled them, and then I put them in my Blendtec Blender. Then I fed them to my sweet little baby! :)

Here she is, smiling at daddy, totally ready for some food!

Opening her mouth WIDE for some yummy food.

Trying to grab the bowl and spoon. :)

All done and All Messy! :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Holy Cow! My baby is 5 months!

I cannot believe how fast this is going by! Grace is officially 5 months old. She is definitely showing a LOT of personality. :) She lost ALL of her hair (sadly) and it is starting to grow back and is a lot lighter. Her eyes change colors every day. One day they look like they will be brown, others they look like they will be green, and others hazel. They still have a hint of blue around the edges but I'm 99% positive they will not be blue. She LOVES to smile and laugh. Anytime someone laughs around her, you are guaranteed she will laugh too. She loves to be center of attention but prefers to do that while in mom's arms. She likes watching TV (I know, it's horrible) and her favorite thing to watch with Mom is the Office. :) She doesn't really like Disney Movies which will need to change and quickly. ;) She still takes a binky and has started snuggling with a "lovey" (it's a small blanket that is really soft). She HATES going to sleep and would much rather play with mom all day long. She would much rather see the world than cuddle and she LOVES looking at herself in the mirror. She is still only on formula and I'm anxiously waiting feeding her solids. She looks like she might be getting teeth soon but I've been thinking that for months. :) She is still tall and skinny. Last appointment (at about 4.5 months) she was 13 lbs. 7 oz. and 26.5 inches long. She has begun to figure out that the bow on her head can be taken off and eaten. Haha. She loves reading stories and helps momma turn the pages. She will almost always smile when mom sings, especially when it's a Glee song. She loves daddy more than anyone else and will always give him a smile (and usually a giggle). Everyone who sees her says that she is the cutest baby ever (which I have to agree with). :) She definitely keeps me busy but I love every minute with her!

Also, we have a date! Grace's finalization will be on November 30, 2010 at 9:00 am. This means that she will be officially ours and that she will have our last name and a new birth certificate with our name on it as her parents. We will also then be able to seal her to us in the temple so she will be ours for Eternity.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Life with a baby is always crazy. :) Grace is a really tough sleeper. She despises sleep and would much rather be playing (especially if it's with mommy or daddy). She is one of the giggliest babies ever though. You can just say "Hi" to her and she will just start cracking up. She is so much fun. But free time is little so that's why I hardly ever blog these days. I would much rather catch up on sleep. :) Here's a cute little picture of Grace in her Halloween PJs. We're still working on what the family will be for Halloween but we'll keep you posted. :)