Sunday, October 4, 2009

Adoption Garage Sale

We officially have a date! It is going to be October 17th. We love the 17th in our house. It was the first day that Robby saw me (October 2004), our first date (December 2004), Robby proposed (February 2005) and I said Yes for Eternity (June 2005). So it seemed very fitting to have it on that date. We have so much stuff for sale. A small tv, an x box and gear, clothes galore, crock pots and other cooking appliances, a tv stand, a bike, baby clothes and toys, donations from other friends and neighbors, and lots of vinyl. Some of the vinyl sayings are

Daughter of a Heavenly King
Sweet Prince
Choose the Right
Scatter Sunshine
I love you to the Moon and Back
Once Upon a Time...
Christ is the Reason for the season
A brand new baby boy to fill our hearts with love and joy
I hope they call me on a mission

And More!

We are hoping to have some pass-along cards so that every one that comes can continue to help with our adoption by handing out these cards to people they know and we can further spread the word that we are adopting. :)

On the adoption front, we are meeting with our case worker for our one on one interviews this weekend. We are still waiting on some stuff back from the court and then we will submit all our paper work back to the court and after a couple months (or hopefully less), we will be certified. We are so super excited! Hopefully the certification process will be done soon so we can go out and find our baby!