Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Ring

After Robby proposed with my mom's ring, we soon went ring shopping. I looked online and found a few things I liked but nothing I loved. Until, I found this ring. :) It has a princess cut (that's sounds so much prettier than square) and then diamonds on each side of it. It was WAY too expensive looking back but I loved it. I also paid for it myself. Which I know most women would hate but I love that I can say I worked for it. And really, it's OUR money once we were married anyways. :) And it helped build up my credit which was awesome! I know, hopeless romantic. Lol.

Robby could seriously care less about his ring. He wanted something simple, comfortable, and not very expensive. His is just a white gold band. But he wears it all the time. Which I love because way too many girls hit on my cute stud muffin! :)

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