Friday, March 18, 2011

How it All Began

Yep. Kissing. :) This was shortly after we started dating.

A week after our first date at the Christmas Temple Lights.

This is Robby and I at the New Year's Eve stake dance in Yuma. 2 weeks after our first date.

This was the day after Christmas when we were finally back together after 2 long days of separation. :)

Going along with The previous post, this is number 1. How it all began.

I was attending a single's ward and loving it. I had moved out of my parents house and was living a quarter of a mile from Mesa Community College where I was going to school. One week, my roommate Joanna and I decided to go to ward choir. We went and the only things I can remember are that I was not crazy about the director because she seemed like a crazy person, and there was a really cute boy I had never seen. Well, come to find out, that boy was our Home Teacher's roommate and best friend. SCORE! So I purposefully got myself in front of the home teacher and cute boy and was chatting with them. Their other roommate decided to ask me and Joanna over to eat and hang out after church. I was ecstatic. Finally I would get to talk to this cute boy!

I went over there and this boy wouldn't talk to me. I kept flirting and flirting and he kept talking to Joanna instead of me. He was playing his guitar and so Joanna and him were talking guitars and basses and jazz music. I tried to talk Jazz music since I sang it, but he kept right on ignoring me. So I did what I do best, flirt with another guy. Lol. I talked to his roommate Kevin who would give me the time of day and actually was the one who invited me over. Well, Kevin and I kept talking and ended up having a great time so he asked me out. I said yes and we had a small relationship (I'm talking 2 weeks) and we were both still seeing other people. After Kevin and I realized we didn't really click, we broke up. (But for the record, I broke up with him). :)

A few weeks later, I had just finished all of my finals (most of which I didn't do great on) and was lounging in my PJs and watching John Q. I had been invited to a couple parties that night but I really couldn't decide on what to do. I was contemplating just staying home for the night with Denzel and enjoying the quiet of all my roommates gone. Then I get a call on my pink sparkly phone. I didn't know the number and normally I would never answer, but I was curious. It was the cute boy. Robby.

He asked me if I had plans that night and wanted to go to a wedding with him. He was the best man and all of his friends couldn't go. It was 3 pm so I said sure. He then tells me we need to leave by 4 in order to make it because we have to drive over 2 hours each way. So I jumped up, got out of my PJs, got a black shirt and red skirt on, did my makeup, and drove out the door to his house. I was really nervous but luckily I'm chatty when I'm nervous. We talked the entire time on the way there. We talked about our families, about his mission, about school, about what we wanted in a family, about music, anything that came into our heads. It was so much fun.

When we got to the wedding, Robby was in the receiving line, and I sat on a chair. It was so fun watching him interact with people from a distance. He was so smiley and warm. I chatted with the Grandma of the bride and she was shocked this was our first date. She said we looked like we were so in love.

After the wedding, we drove back to his house and kept talking. Oh, and I can't forget one of my favorite parts of the night. I was in a skirt. There was NO WAY I was driving two more hours in a skirt so I had brought my pajama pants. So, after he opened the door for me, he was walking around to the other side and I slid my pants on under my skirt and then pulled my skirt off. He thought I was insane. Lol.

Anyways... We got back to his house and I said "Wouldn't it be fun if we stayed up all night watching movies?" He was so excited and said of course! So, we went to the grocery store, got some food, and some Orange Rolls, and went back to his house and got on the Love Sack and watched some movies. We watched Cutting Edge, the rest of John Q, Minority Report, Beauty and the Beast, and the second Lord of the Rings. During Lord of the Rings, he FINALLY got up the courage to kiss me. It was short and sweet and I was in love.

He had to drive to Yuma for Christmas and I was so heartbroken. I had already scheduled a date for that afternoon with another guy so I had to leave too. The whole time on the other date, I couldn't stop thinking about Robby. The other poor guy didn't stand a chance (and this was our 4th or 5th date we had been on). I just couldn't get Robby out of my mind.

I called him every day he was gone and we talked for hours. After only 2 days, I finally decided I couldn't handle it anymore and asked him if I could come visit. He agreed and I drove down to Yuma to meet his family. Yes, after 2 days people and only 1 date. Lol. His family was amazing. We went horseback riding with his Grandpa and had so much fun. His mom even invited me to stay the night. The next day we got up and drove back to Gilbert to have him meet my family. Then he went back to Yuma for Christmas and was back the next day. We were inseparable. The next week we drove to Yuma again and spent New Years with his family at the Stake Dance.

Wow, that's a long story. :) Stay tuned for more.


DaNelle said...

I can't believe you changed pants in the car!!! That is one for the record books. LOL!

Taylor and Kristin Williams said...

If only you told people that you used to change your skirt/pants while DRIVING! ;) haha! Oh the good ole days. :)