Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why I love Open Adoption

Grace with Daddy and Birth dad
Grace trying to shove her hand in birth dad's mouth

I seriously think they look so similar.

I cannot to begin to describe how wonderful an open adoption can be. Ours is truly incredible. We have an amazing birth mom who is loving and so much fun to be around. She feels like my sister (and she calls me that often). Her mom welcomed us with open arms into their family and invites us to family get togethers. I have met a lot of their family and I love it! We also have an incredible birth father. A lot of birth fathers are not involved or if they are, they tend to not participate as much in the openness. Grace's birth father is so wonderful though and texts and emails us on a regular basis to see how we are doing and how Grace is doing. And this weekend we got to have him come visit Grace. It was the most wonderful thing. He told us a lot about himself as a baby and we found out that he and Grace share a love of peas. :) My eyes filled with tears as he told me that because I can't wait to be able to tell her that is why she loves peas so much. I love that she has his mouth and the same shape of face. I love that Grace has Kayla's eyes and nose. And after he left, he sent us a text to say thank you for letting him come over. I can not ever begin to express how grateful we are that he is still in ours and Grace's lives. She is so blessed to have him and his family (and well as Grace's birth mom and family) be there for her and love her as much as Robby and I do. It's so incredible. I can't wait to bring more children into our home and hearts through adoption and bring more birth families. We feel so blessed and loved to have such an amazing open adoption and it would never be possible without Kayla and Austin.

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