Monday, November 8, 2010

Adoption in the Media

As I was browsing one of my friends from babycenter's blog, she was talking about the pros and cons of adoption in the media. For the most part, adoption is portrayed in a way that is completely opposite from what happens in real life. I can guarantee we won't have a 16 year old who is snarky and plays guitar and makes awesome jokes every 5 seconds and is named after a greek god. It just isn't reality. :) We always hear the crazy stories like the lady who adopted from Russia and then sent him back on a plane with a note safety pinned to his shirt that said to take him back to the orphanage. That one got a lot of press and it's just so sad. We also often hear about the birth dad who comes back after 3 years of their child being placed in an adoptive home and saying that he never knew about the adoption and wants his child. Those things happen, but they aren't portraying the majority of adoptions.

Want to read a wonderful adoption story? Here's a real life one. :) These are some of my favorite people. They currently are the co-chairs for the Mesa Families Supporting Adoption and they are seriously an amazing family. You can read their story HERE.

I wish more stories would be spread around that show what a positive thing adoption can be. Adoption has changed my life and I hope that it has changed yours in some way. Even if it's just by knowing me. :)

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