Monday, November 1, 2010


I love this outfit. :) Daddy is SO under Grace's spell. She definitely has him whipped! :)

There is a little cat on the bum. :) I bought the cute bow and headband too. :)

This is one of my favorite faces she makes. She's such a cheeseball. :)

This is how she almost always smiles. Her mouth has to be WIDE open. I love it.

She has learned to spit. This is her practicing her new talent.

I am such a terrible mom. Lol. I didn't get a single picture of the whole family dressed for Halloween! I know, right? Terrible. But to be honest, I spent months trying to come up with a costume for the 3 of us and I had nothing. So 30 minutes before the ward Trunk or Treat, I was scrounging around the house trying to find something for Robby and I to wear. Grace was dressed as a cute little cow and I couldn't believe how many comments we got on how cute she was. Ok, I can believe it because she is seriously the cutest baby ever. :) Robby went as a Soccer Player. He had a soccer jersey from his mission and he carried around my soccer ball from high school. I went as a leopard. I wore ears and a tail and painted on some whiskers. Hopefully next year we will have a cute picture of the 3 (or more depending if we are chosen again) of us and we will be dressed SUPER cute! :)


Rogers Family said...

You definitely got some awesome shots of her cute little smiley face. Those chubby cheeks are so cute, I could eat them, lol!

Karissa said...

She is so cute! I love all of her faces!