Monday, July 23, 2012

doTerra Essential Oils

I attribute a lot of today's goodness to Essential Oils.  Read the post below about our awesome day.  :)

We've been using doTerra Essential Oils for about a year.  We started small with just a couple oils and they've worked great.  I got Peppermint (which Robby uses for headaches), Lemon (I use it for sore throats and for cleaning), Eucalyptus (I rub on the kids' and our feet or chest when we get a cold), and Lavender (I put in the kids' baths or rub a drop on their chest before bed).  Most of them came in a small kit and it was a really great price and I'm so glad we got it.

So a few months ago I tried a couple more.  I found an awesome blend called Solace.  This WILL be TMI for most men (and some women) so feel free to skip to the next paragraph if you don't want to read it.  :)  Solace is to help women during "that time of the month" and during menopause.  I've been using it because I was having pretty bad mood swings and (TMI alert) really bad cramping every cycle.  My cycles were also generally 50 days long or more.  But since starting this blend, my cramps were almost non existent.  I only had 1 day of feeling kind of yucky instead of a week (or more) feeling like Mr Hyde.  I would rub a little on my wrist every day for the month and it ended up helping my cycle be only 27 days!  That's the shortest cycle I've ever had in my entire life!  It was incredible!  When I was cramping, I would rub some of the oil on my stomach and they would disappear within the hour.  It has really been incredible.  After years of having horrible PMS, I finally found a great solution.

Ok, TMI over.  :)  Since the oils were working so well, I decided to dive in even more.  I bought several new blends, skin care products, and a diffuser.  I bought Deep Blue and Coconut oil to mix together to rub on my back and Robby's shoulders.  It's a great pain reliever and works pretty quickly.  I also got Serenity and Elevation.  These blends help with mood.  I put Elevation in the diffuser in the morning and then I put Serenity in an hour before bedtime.  It's helped me stay happy all day and then the kids help relax at night.  The past few nights both kids have gone down without a fuss, which while that's normal for Joey, Grace used to whine and cry for at least an hour before bed.  So I definitely attribute that to the oils.  :)  The skin care products smell delicious and hopefully it will help clear up my acne that looks like I'm 16.  I'll take the clear skin over looking like a 16 year old. :)

I REALLY like the oils.  I've tried other oils at Whole Foods and other health stores in the past and they aren't nearly as good.  I've had a few friends try them too and they love them.  I'm definitely not a sales person, but I really love these oils and believe in the product so I like sharing the good news.  :)  If you'd like to check them out, or try some, let me know.


MissKris said...

So are you selling them? I met a lady at Chikfila that was using the orange as a hand sanitizer for her kids and she gave me her card because I was really interested. But, if you're selling them I'll definitely go through you instead!

Angee said...

I do sell them! :) I'd be happy to give you a discount too. I'm not looking to make money, just using the discount so I can use them. :) Email me or Facebook message me and I'll be happy to order some for you. They can be shipped directly to you so you don't have to wait. :)