Monday, July 23, 2012

Counting, 2!, Dace!

Grace counted to 3 today!  I told her to take 2 bites and started with one and she said two right after.  So I tried prompting her to do more and she counted all the way to 3!  She's not advanced for her age by any means, but after worrying so much that her speech was behind, I'm celebrating these small milestones.

Grace also will tell anyone who asks how old she is.  Even if she is answering the wrong question.  Someone will ask "How are you?" and she will answer with "2!"  It's pretty adorable.  I try prompting her with "How OLD are you?" and she will answer 2, but she hasn't quite figured out there is a difference.

She also started saying her own name, sort of.  When someone asks her name she replies "Dace".  We're still working on the G sound but hopefully it will come soon.  :)

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