Friday, January 9, 2009

I really need to work on this

So I haven't posted in a while... again. The holidays were a blast! Christmas was spent in Yuma with Robby's family. We were only there Christmas Eve and Christmas and then I had to work the next day. We went horse back riding on Christmas with Robby's Grandpa and had a lot of fun. We had fun spending time with Robby's family especially Connor and Jake. We had a lot of fun with my (our) Christmas present, a new camera. Here are some fun pics from the week.

Connor just loves to drive in the car. He will scream until you put him in there. But he's still a sweetheart and we love him. I can't believe he's almost 2 and a half!
Totally ready for Christmas presents! I love Christmas!
Robby on Christmas morning. He's obviously not as excited as me. :)
Grandpa Colvin riding a horse. He's such a sweet guy and I love the clouds in the background. He felt a little silly taking pictures but I'm just so happy we have record of him doing something he loves so much.
Riding the horses. Mine's name was Princess. She was totally a sass-a-frass like me so we had fun. Robby's horse was being a pill and wouldn't cooperate.


Laydee said...

is jake still riding the same old horse? i love that picture!

Ybarra Family said...

Hey Angee
can I get a copy of the picture where grandpa is riding on the horse. that is such a great picture. If you can send that to me it will be great my email address is
Michelle Colvin Ybarra