Friday, January 9, 2009


What blog update would be complete without some baby pictures?!

Me and my snuggle bunny David
Erik with Grandma Nanette and Me with Davey

David doing some tummy time!
Erik loving tummy time! And his Auntie Gigi!
Erik and Auntie Gigi
David looking at Uncie Robby, his favorite!
Erik (left) David (right) looking at the camera. They really were getting kind of annoyed with all the flashies
We just love these kiddos! They are getting so big and it's so much fun!


McRae Family said...

Holy blogging, You've been a very busy girl. I haven't seen you in forever, other than new years and that wasn't for very long. We need to get together and play again soon

Laydee said...

Cute cute little guys!

AZSMITHS said...

I can't believe how big they are!

smilingsarahbear said...

Hey there Angee! I just wanted to say hi and sorry I didn't really get to say goodbye to you. I want to say thanks for being so helpful to me and my kids and for being such a sweetheart. I'm so grateful I got to get to know you and be influenced by your sweet example. Those babies are so precious- they are growing up so fast! Take care and hope all is well!