Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm so excited that I got called to be Girl's Camp Leader again this year. Well, more that they never released me from last year. :) I told them as long as I'm not pregnant, I will be there. I'll probably still go if I'm not showing ;) The young women are such awesome people and I can't wait to get to know them even more! I'm glad I have a whole 6 months before camp so I'll actually feel prepared this year!

I also had my first Home, Family, Personal Enrichment night that I was leader for. It took a lot of planning and I'm going to have to do even more for this next one because now I "know what I'm doing." Sort of... I'm really putting a lot more into my callings now though. I know that there is something for me to learn and that's why I've been giving this calling. So I'm going to try my hardest to learn whatever that is, and hopefully, Heavenly Father will let me keep the calling a little while once I have learned that so I can have a little break before I have to learn something new!

I read a really great article today that is the theme for mutual for 2009. It's a talk by President Monson from 2005. It's on the website. Check it out! :) It made me cry, but that's pretty easy to do. :)


TheTennesseeWilliams said...

THATS AWESOME!! I love girls camp! I told the bishop that if he tries to take me out of YW I would stop coming to church. I was so bummed when I couldnt go to camp this year bc of my miscarrage but I told Sol I will be going the whole week next year!

Jen said...

Lucky girl! I love Girls' camp! It's the best part of Young Women's.