Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I'm so excited for the new book and the movie that I changed my blog. :) If anyone hasn't read these books, then you are missing out! They are SO awesome! I love them! Robby is totally my Edward and will be forever!


smilingsarahbear said...

Only 3 more days!! I cannot wait. I think I'm more excited about the book than the movie!

Kristy said...

I love Twilight! You know walmart is sellilng it for only $10.94 and it should be available at midnight. If you haven't read "The Host" yet I highly recommend it. Any author that can get you crying over an alien or a vampire is tops in my opinion.

Ybarra Family said...

It is Michelle Kristy older sister and Robbie's cousin. I just want to say hi and tell you I love the new Twilight book it is awesome and the funny thing is that my husband sam is into it and he wants to read all the other books. He started with the last book. If you two want to keep in touch with me I have a blog too. It isn't that elaborate but it is one way I can keep in touch with my family. (meybarra.blogspot.com)