Monday, July 21, 2008


It's been a really long day. Our car has been having some problems so after taking it to 3 different places, one who couldn't do anything, one that gave one possible answer and then the dealer giving me another, we are probably going to be spending a lot of money fixing our car. I have one more place to take it to tomorrow for a 3rd opinion and hopefully this one will be the best and cheapest solution. The test was negative, :( so I got an appointment for next month but we may have to put it on hold even further with fixing the car. I'm a little bummed, ok a lot bummed, but I guess it's Heavenly Father's way of saying it's His time, not mine. Thanks for the prayers and love! Hopefully a new job will fall in place and then we will be able to get this all worked out. :)


Janel said...

You can try to Google the cars problem and see if anyone else had the same problem. This really helped with us, when our car wouldn't start. It ended up saving us from taking it to the shop.

Sandy said...

When the Scoresby's had problems with their car she took it to a few places, but one was here in town and he fixed it for way less. If you check out her blog you can read the story. I'm sorry about the test. It is so frustrating when you keep getting negatives. My kids are almost 5 years apart, so keep trying, it will happen when you least expect it too.

smilingsarahbear said...

I'm prayin' for you girl! You are so awesome and so sweet- I know you've got lots of blessings coming your way. See ya' tomorrow!