Sunday, July 27, 2008

A New Day

This past week lasted forever! It's finally over and I'm so glad! :) The stuff with our car did work out. It is the computer to the engine that is broken but it's still under warranty for another 200 miles. That's about a day and a half of driving so I'm glad I went in when I did. I have an appointment to see the doctor to hopefully start fertility treatments. I've had 3 different people say how much they love this doctor so I'm really hoping it doesn't get too insanely expensive. He's an obgyn so when I do get pregnant, I will already know him so that's good. It's time to start a new week and hopefully I can get through this one without breaking down. :) Thank you all for your love and support! I have the best friends and family! I love you all!

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Karissa & Cory said...

Good luck with everything Angee! I know you'll be able to have a baby, and when you do you will be SUCH a good mom! =)