Friday, August 3, 2012

Teddy Bear Pictures!

It is just a little crazy how fast my children are growing!!!  Here are a few comparisons...

This is from August 2010.  Grace was 3 months old.

2 years later... Grace is 27 months old (or 2.25 years, lol)  I can't believe what a difference there is!

And now to compare both kids at 8 months...

My little peanut Grace January 2011

My Big Man Joey at 8 months August 2012

Both of them have grown so much!  Joey is now army crawling, has 4 teeth, takes 2-3 naps and sleeps through the night, LOVES any food we will give him, drinks formula constantly, and is starting to babble Mama and Baba.  He started getting from crawling to sitting the past couple days and gets to excited when he succeeds.  He will smile at anyone who even looks at him and laughs at everyone who talks to him.  He is the happiest little guy and I've even had random strangers ask to hold him.

Grace is starting to talk more and still loves to learn new signs.  She loves to eat and will try almost anything.  She LOVES to push my buttons and her favorite words to use are Mine and No.  She is definitely asserting her independence.  But she is also getting better at following directions and listening.  I asked her to clean up her room so I could put Joey to bed.  I didn't hear from her for a few minutes then when I went to check on her, she had put them all away in her closet!  I couldn't believe it and was so proud of her.  She may drive me crazy sometimes, but she also surprises me on a daily basis.

Again today, I'm feeling so blessed to be a mom.  Some days (especially recently) have been very difficult.  But then out of the blue, the day will be amazing.  Both kids slept well, they played well together, no fighting or crying, and 2 incredibly happy kids make for 1 VERY happy mommy.  I was able to clean, shower without interruptions, and relax for 2 hours in the middle of the day.  I hope the kids will stay this nice for our amazing trip to Disneyland next week.  :)

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