Thursday, February 24, 2011

Visiting Grace's birth dad's family

Back in January, we went to visit Grace's birth dad and his family. We had so much fun and it's so wonderful to see how much love this little girl has.

Grace with her birth dad and birth cousin. Her birth cousin just ADORES Grace! :)
Birth dad and Grace walking. She will be anybody's friend if you help her walk. Lol.
Checking out birth cousin's hair. I think Grace is jealous. :)
Getting smooches from her birth cousin. He loves Grace too and kept asking me to put her on his lap. :)
Grace with Birth Grandma (Nana Glenna), Birth Dad, and Birth Grandpa (Papa Pride)
Grace with her birth dad, birth aunts, and birth uncle.

Open adoption is so amazing in my life. I love having all of these wonderful people there for me, for Robby, and especially, for Grace. I'm so glad she will have this part of her heritage and she will always know that she is so loved by this family (as well as birth mom's family).


Karissa said...

This is really awesome. She is so loved =) (And so are you!)

kristi said...

What a blessing OPEN adoption is! I LOVE it!! Kase's birthgrand's are coming in town this weekend and we can't wait! Too cute how Grace lights up the faces of her birthfamily- I know they just adore you guys and probably love adoption as much as we do ;)

PS: Did you go to Joe town? So fun! My in-law's tell me it's FREEZING right now!