Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby News!

We found out John's wife Holly is having... drumroll please... a BOY! Hurray! Now Robby and I will have 7 nephews! Alyssa had Connor and baby Jake is coming in August, Holly has Noah, Ethan, and Baby Boy #3, and Kristi is having Baby Boy A & Baby Boy B. Here's hoping that I can be the first one to break the boy spell! Wishes, prayers, and hoping will be much appreciated!


Sheena said...

That will be perfect because you want a girl!! Did you get my text about tonight? I guess we will do it another night

Jen said...

Wow! 7 nephews! I bet you'll be the one to break the spell! Here's hoping!

MissKris said...

Hey Angee, I am setting my blog to private and I need your email to "invite" you to view my blog!