Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rough Day? Don't ask!

That's one of my favorite movie quotes (Little Rascals) and it totally describes my day today. We had our dentist appointments today which I normally LOVE! No sarcasm there, seriously! I love the dentist. I have great teeth and the dentist always says so. We had a new dentist and they informed us that we would be getting just our xrays for the first visit and then we would get a cleaning at another visit. I always get so excited for cleanings because I love the feeling of teeth after they've been scraped off. It's wonderful! But instead we got the evil xrays with the little pokey things that rip up your mouth. After that was done, our Dentist discussed what was wrong with our teeth. I again had perfect teeth. :) Robby on the other hand, has terrible teeth! He needs fixing on several different teeth including one that could be a root canal for a grand total of around $5000! Yikes! We don't have that much money lying around! To tip the scale, on our way home, we got a flat tire on the freeway!
I'm trying to look on the positive side of all this, so here goes... I'm starting to understand Heavenly Father has a better plan for me. We would not have $5000 even to go into debt if we had a baby or were pregnant. I would not have my great jobs and would not be earning any money. I'm glad I had Robby in the car to change the tire because I would never be able to do it by myself. All in all, I'm glad I'm still alive, I'm happy, and I have a wonderful husband. Things will work out for the best. :)


Denise Hollinger said...

Hey, I tracked you down through site meter. I am so bummed you had a blog all this time and I did not know it! Love the blog and pictures. I feel so distant from the Hepworth family and blog's totally keep me in the loop.

Sounds like an awful day, hope the rest of the week has been better. Good luck with getting your little miracle. We will keep you in our prayers.

Your cousin, Denise

moorefamilytime said...

Angee, I'm so sorry you're having a bad day.. thank goodness for our husbands, huh? I love your scrapbook pages!! They are awesome!! I've been married for almost nine years now and haven't done mine because I'm scared they won't be cute enough! How ridiculous is that?? Your blog is adorable, and I love to see your pictures because we don't get to see each other much, and I don't even think I could pick your husband out of a crowd!! Sad. Maybe now I can though. Good luck with tomorrow... one day at a time! Love, Rachel

Sheena said...

Yeah new dentist suck, my new one has made me go broke trying to keep up with all the things that he says are wrong with me so I decided not to go anymore, because what I don't know hopefully won't kill me! so how are you, I know I was going to call you and go workout, but as you can see I suck...what time do you get home during the week because you could just meet me at the Villages, because my friend lives there and I just go with her. Hope things are going better for you! Love ya girl! Sheena

Kristy said...

Hi, you probably don't even know who I am but I'm Robby's cousin in Utah. We met once Easter 2007 at the Farm. Robby left a message on my blog to leave a message on his web page so I could get your blog address but his web page just shows a blue screen for me :? I decided to just check his profile and I found you guys! Anyways I'm so glad that you guys have this blog it makes me feel closer to the Colvin Family since my closest Colvin relative is 500 miles away. I hardly ever see my side anymore and like to take a look into the lives of those that share my name and family traditions. I'm very impressed with your positive attitude. I'd probably cursing everything and then some if I had your day. Thanks for your good example! Next time you guys are in Utah please come and see me too! Robby has a few cousins up here that would love a mini reunion of the younger generation. Our family will definitely keep you and Robby in our prayers for your special blessing.
P.S. My husband likes the whole dentist teeth scraping thing too, that is so weird!