Friday, April 25, 2008

Girls' Day!

It was snowing. I hate Utah!

Baby Heber

Isn't he a doll???

Me & Kristin

Me & Kristin
On our way into the mall. The little white stuff is snow! Blah!

Kristin getting excited to go shopping :)

Kristin and Tessa (on her good side)

Me & Alisha saying bye. :(

I'm in Utah and had a BLAST hangin' with my two besties from high school, Alisha and Kristin. We were quite a trio. We went to lunch and then went shopping (although I think Alisha was the only one who bought anything) then we went to see our other friend Tessa (and meet her boyfriend) then we went and hung out at Kristin's adorable apartment. We had so much fun stealing Alisha's baby and carrying him around. He is probably the cutest baby ever! I actually had people stop me to look at him. The pictures don't do him justice. :)
I missed being with my girls and I'm so happy Kristin is moving to AZ to be with me again! I can't wait until Alisha's hubby is finished with school so that we can convince them to move to AZ too! It really is the best!!!! :)

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Sheena said...

Looks like you had so much fun!!! Good thing you didn't take Janae because I don't think her halter dress would have kept her warm ;-)