Friday, April 25, 2008

Jimmy's Farewell

Can you believe my baby brother is old enough to go on a mission??? How crazy is that?

Trying to zip his suitcase up. :)

All ready to go!

I have the silliest brothers

Papa & Bubba!

I'm not his "Big" sis but I'm still older!

If you thought your family was weird...

The weirdness continues...

I swear I'm adopted!

Jimmy & Mom. She cries later.

The missionary and the parents!


They are normal.

Putting the badge on

Jimmy so excited to get on his mission!

Jimmy ready to go, and my mom not ready to see him leave.


Janel said...

I love the picture (so funny). Sometimes it's fun just to play around and make faces at the camera.

Jen said...

Jimmy just doesn't look old enough to go on a mission! And I love all the silly pictures!