Monday, March 19, 2012

Battle of the Binky

We've decided to stop Grace's binky habit. I cut of a tip of her binky so that it would lose all of the suction and sucking comfort. She did not like that one bit. But after a lot of screaming and crying, she finally fell asleep.

Because I'm insane, I decided to try to put Joey in his crib in Grace's room. Since we have a little 2 bedroom apartment now, Joey and Grace will be sharing. He was sleeping in a pack n play in our closet, but I figured we should move them together soon so we could have our full closet back. I was hoping that having him in there would help her realize she needed to be quiet so that he could sleep instead of non stop screaming like the night before.

Well, tonight Grace cried for about an hour but no real screaming. She was VERY excited to have Joey in her room and kept saying "Hi" to him. Joey just sat sucking his thumb in his crib, listening to her cry. He never made a single peep. I'm a little worried how we will stop the thumb sucking habit for him, but for now I'm just happy I don't have to replace a binky 20 times a night.

Joey has been sleeping from about 10 pm until 7 am for the past 2 weeks so I'm hoping that continues while he's sleeping in Grace's room. Grace is an early riser so I'm hoping she doesn't wake him up too. It's going to be a big adjustment but hopefully they will adjust quickly and we can start our new "normal."

On another note...

California still feels very surreal to me. It doesn't quite feel permanent yet. I'm loving living down the street from a Farmer's market. We go every Saturday and it's been a blast taking the kids and trying all the fresh fruit samples. Grace is starting to be more adventurous in food and devoured a lot of asparagus tonight. She is constantly eating. Looks like she will be hitting another growth spurt soon. Joey is continuing to get chunkier and chunkier. He has a well baby check up in a couple days and I can't wait to see how much he weighs. Robby is working a lot but hopefully it will pay off very well in the long run. For now, I'm just happy he's working and enjoying his job. I'm still struggling with keeping up with 2 kids, a dog, and attempting to unpack and get settled. We've been here a month already and it has gone by so fast. It is certainly an adventure.

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The Woods said...

Hey Angee! It's Rebecca Jefferies. I just found your blog and basically read the whole thing. :) Thank you for all the wonderful stories you've shard about adoption. We are starting the process and it's so great to see your success story!