Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1 Whole Year

I can't believe it. My baby girl is 1. This year has just flown by. It honestly still feels surreal at times that I'm a mom and that I have our precious Angel and that she is already almost a Toddler.
Grace is constantly learning. She is only saying a few words (mama, dada, dog, num num) but she is starting to learn new signs almost every other day. She can sign more, all done, eat, please, thank you, flower, movie, dog, and made up her own signs for snuggle and lovey (her little blanket). I can show her a sign and she will almost always attempt to sign it back.

Grace LOVES watching Tangled. She couldn't care less about any other movie but when Tangled comes on, she will sit and watch almost the whole thing. She loves the singing and dancing and bounces up and down on her knees while watching it. From the first moment it is on, she sees the fireworks and gets super excited (so we are working on the sign for fireworks). She loves watching Mickey whistle and laughs and points at him. She squeals and laughs when Rapunzel screams at Flynn and laughs even harder when Rapunzel hits herself in the head with the frying pan. She points and laughs at Maximus (the horse) and loves when Pascal comes on the screen. This is generally the time that I can clean up, fold laundry, and do dishes. Grace will snack on apple cinnamon cheerios and be completely content. I love it.

We went to Grace's 1 year doctor appointment and here are her stats. She is 15 lbs 10 oz and 30 inches long. She is having trouble gaining weight and I am constantly trying to get her to eat more. She is now on a mix of Hemp milk and Rice milk and we plan on starting Almond and Coconut milks in the next couple weeks. We want her to get a big variety and also be getting different fats and vitamins.

Grace's favorite food right now is Goats milk yogurt. I mix in a little flavored coconut milk yogurt and she gobbles it up. She also enjoys pretty much anything that I'm attempting to put in my mouth. She loves sitting on my lap and eating off my plate. Probably not a great habit to form, but I am a pushover. :)

We spent part of the day with Kayla (her birth mom) and had a lot of fun. We went out to an early dinner, went shopping, and then went to birth mom group. I just love going to group and hearing all their stories and feeling their special spirits. Those ladies are truly incredible. I am so grateful for Kayla (and Austin) and the sacrifice they made for Grace. I know I would not be a mom if it wasn't for them. Celebrating her birthday brought up a whole new love and respect for them. They are so amazing and I'm so grateful they are in our lives.

Grace's party is on Saturday so I'll make sure to post pictures then. :)

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Brower Family said...

Happy Birthday Grace!! I am so glad that you spent the day with her Birthmom! I am sure she LOVED it!! Such an emotional time. Love you guys!