Thursday, April 21, 2011

Family Pictures

We got our family pictures done (again) and they are amazing! My friend Mary Jordan did them for us. She is an amazing woman, mom, and friend. We've been having play groups with our cute little bunkins since they are a month apart and both were adopted. You can check out our pictures HERE! They are hoping to adopt too and you can see their website HERE. Warning, it is the cutest thing you will ever see. :)

Thank you so much Mary! You're incredible!

And can I just say how much I love documenting our family like this? It's so fun to watch our family change and watch Grace get older. And I love all the different styles of photography.

And only 13 more days until our profile can go live. I should really get on top of that and get it all ready. I should probably call our case worker too... I'll get on that tomorrow. :) In between planning for Grace's birthday and bringing home a PUPPY! :)


Jonathan said...

Beautiful pics!

Courtney said...

Those pics are so great!

Brower Family said...

I LOVE them. Love them.

Jen said...

Those pictures are so perfect. She did a really great job!