Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Teddy Bear Pictures

I know I just barely posted one of these but I just love watching Grace grow. :) I put her Newborn clothes away and was so excited. I'm sure that one day it will hit me that she is not our little tiny baby but I just love watching her get bigger. :) She is growing so fast but is becoming more fun everyday. I love having her interact with me and smile and coo. She is so much fun and I love her so much.

Grace at 3 days old. Look at those cute little chicken legs. :)

3 weeks old. Finally starting to get some rolls on her legs. :)

1 month old. Look at that chunky little belly. :)

6 weeks old. She keeps getting longer and bigger. :) Isn't her outfit adorable too? :)

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Jenn and Tyler said...

She is such a cutie Angee!! I can already tell you are an amazing Mom!!