Friday, June 18, 2010

5 years in pictures

5 years ago, on June 17th, I married my best friend. I was so in love with him then but it doesn't even begin to compare to the love I feel for him now. He is such a wonderful husband and father. We have been there for each other for all our sorrows and for all our joys. I am so grateful that we are sealed for Eternity thanks to the temple.

On our wedding day

On our honeymoon in Nauvoo at a family reunion. Yes, with my whole family. Not much of a honeymoon I can tell you that, but it was fun to see the Nauvoo temple, and it was free. :)

Disneyland shortly after we were married. What was I thinking with the haircut? Yikes.

Robby and I at a service project for one of my classes.

Our first anniversary we went to Vegas. We had a BLAST! We consider this our honeymoon since we didn't have a real one.

Robby got me a hamster! I begged for a pet for months and this is what I got. Her name was Lily. She lived for a few short weeks and then passed away. I literally sobbed for days. Note to self, don't get a hamster.

Robby had a conference for work in San Diego so I went with him. We had a blast and it was fun just to get away.
Disneyland yet again. We seriously love this place!

Pretty sure this is Disneyland too. Robby went to New York for work a week after Christmas so to make up for me not being able to go, he took me to Disneyland. That's true love. :)
Robby and I with our twin nephews, David and Erik. We seriously love these guys! This was on their blessing day. It was so fun to be there and we really miss them while they are in Texas.

Another baby blessing but for Robby's cousin. We went to celebrate their little boy being blessed. Funny, they moved to Texas too.

Robby and I on his birthday. This was shortly after finding out we were infertile so it wasn't a very pleasant time. I can distinctly remember forcing the smile because I had been crying earlier.

Back at Disneyland! I'm seriously dying to go back right now and can't wait to take our little Gracie-Boo.
This was done for a photoshoot that we won in a giveaway. It was so great to take pictures as a couple since we hadn't done that since we were first married.
Christmas lights. Robby got the courage to ask me out after a FHE at the temple lights so it always holds a special place in my heart. :)
Robby and I at Disneyland, again. We were the first ones on the Tower of Terror for the day. We got to sign the book and Chip and Dale escorted us down there. It was so much fun!
Robby and I on our cruise to Mexico. We are already planning our next cruise. We had so much fun and it was a great way to spend some of our last weeks as just the two of us.
This is us at the hospital right after Grace was born. I can't even describe the love that we automatically felt for little Grace.
This is us with the birth parents, Kayla and Austin. We would not have Grace without their love and sacrifice. We are so grateful for them and love that they can continue to be in Grace's life and ours.
Our first family picture. We went to Green to celebrate Grace being ours. We love this little girl so much.
At the baseball game with Grace.

I can't believe it's been 5 whole years. I can't wait for the next 5, 10, 100, infinite years spent with Robby and Grace and all our future little munchkins.

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Marry said...

love it! so cute and congrats! seriously - when Max is a little older we have to get together! I want to talk adoption with someone who went through it... someone who is in the thick of it - you know?