Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Whole Decade of Me

I cannot believe that this decade is ending. The 00s are coming to and end. To celebrate, I thought I would share some funny facts (about me) that happened over the last decade. I'll try to include pictures where I can. :) I'll try to go in Chronological Order too. Wish me luck!

Rang in the New Year for Y2K at the Stake Dance
Finished my season of Winter Cheer where I cheered for the Boys Basketball team (we won state if I remember correctly)
Played the Witch in "Into the Woods" (a musical)
Graduated Junior High (lol)
Started High School
Did Freshman Cheer
Played the Sousaphone in the Marching Band
Sang in the Choir
Almost tore my knee at tumbling

Marched in the Rose Bowl Parade (8.5 miles with a 40 pound hunk of metal)
(not the right year but you get the picture)

Competed in the State Cheerleading Competition (we won 2nd place)
Got 4 stitches above my left eye (ran into a pole at the Cheer Competition minutes before performing-great story)
Got my wisdom teeth out
Got braces on
Started Coaching Gymnastics
Went on my first date to Golfland

(competition in flagstaff for band-worst uniforms EVER)

Went on my second date to Golfland (with a different boy)
Got my first kiss (2 weeks after I turned 16)
Went to my first high school dance (Homecoming)
Continued to play the Sousaphone in the Marching Band and sing in Choir

Made Regional Choir as a Soprano
Hiked the Grand Canyon with 60 girls - it rained, all night
Had a very uneventful closing to my Sophomore year (I really cannot think of anything)

(me and my friend Paige)

Decided to put my tuba away during marching band and joined Colorguard

(all of colorguard-don't you wish you had to wear teal eyeshadow and velvet outfits?)
Played Tuba in the concert band where I didn't have to carry it around all the time
Sang in the 2 top choirs at my school
Dumped by a "boyfriend" for the first time and cried about it

Got my braces off!!! (HURRAY!)
Went to Chicago to compete with the Choir
Was in Winterguard (a colorguard only competition i.e. flags, rifles, sabres, twirling them around and throwing them in the air and catching them - most of the time)
Went to Prom with one of my guy friends at my next door neighbors house (Best prom EVER!)
Made All State Choir

(winter formal)
Started my last year of High school
Still in band and choir

Competed in Gilbert Junior Miss and made finals
Made Regional Band as 2nd chair tuba
Made All State Choir as 7th Chair Soprano
Completed my Young Women recognition
Played the tuba in the Orchestra (the best musical group in high school)
Went to Prom with my "boyfriend"
Graduated High School

(me and my best friend Kristin on graduation night)

Made the Cheerleading team at Mesa Community College
Went to my first semester of College
Moved out of the house and into an apartment with roommates

(me, Paige, and Kristin going to our first Single's dance, yikes)

Tore my shoulder cheerleading
Twisted my ankle cheerleading
Realized I was too old to be doing that to my body
Failed all but 1 class my first semester of college (I rocked Italian!)
Met a boy
Fell in love
Had my last "first kiss"

Had my first proposal (I said "YES!")
Tried on wedding dresses
Bought a house
Got Married (yes, we bought the house first lol)

(our wedding day outside the Mesa Temple aka, the happiest day of my life)
Became a Nursery teacher
My first nephew was born
Went to the Disneyland Challenge (and won 2nd place)
Continued to teach gymnastics
Took a couple of college courses and got a 98% in Calculus

Went back to college to study Child development (aced all of my classes, thank you!)
Bought our first car (a brand new Corolla that we still have)
Decided that our family needed to grow
A nephew was born on Robby's side (on my birthday)
Still coaching gymnastics

Still trying to grow our family
Became a manager at the gymnastics studio and ran my own location
Took another semester of Italian (love the language but cannot speak it to save my life)
Took a few more classes in College
Taught Sunbeams and CTR 5
Bought annual passes to Disneyland and went a BUNCH!

(me and Baby Connor on our Birthdays)

(Robby's favorite ride)

Still trying to grow the family
Went to Girl's camp as a leader for the first time
Had 4 nephews all born within a month

(3 out of 4 nephews born that year, Erik, David, and Aaron)

Started working at University of Phoenix

Still trying to grow the family
Decided to pursue adoption
Researched adoption like CrAzY!
Went to Girl's camp again and hiked a crazy hard hike!
Got promoted at work to a Senior Rep
Went to another Disneyland Challenge and won 1st place!!!
Was Tinkerbell for Halloween
(Kristin, Joanna's sister in law, Joanna, and Me-Dallin in the background)


(so in love)

It's been a LONG decade. I can't believe how far I have come and how much I have grown. From a measley 14 year old who knew nothing about the world or life, to a 24 year old woman who still hardly knows anything about the world or life. Lol. I am learning and I have grown so much. I'm so grateful that for the better half of this decade, I have been with the love of my life. I am so grateful for Robby. He is my best friend. I thank my lucky stars every day that I found him. I don't know how I got so lucky. I was not making the best choices when it came to boys at that time and was a pretty shallow person (not gonna lie). But I found him and just knew he was supposed to be mine forever. And somehow, I ended up getting the best guy in the world! :)

Here's to another great decade. Filled with joy, love, BABIES, birth families, more nephews (and maybe a niece or 2), and happiness. CHEERS!


Taylor and Kristin Williams said...

HAHAHA!!! OH how I love these pictures. :) I love that I'm in half of them... some of our outfits and hair... wow. :) You should put your one i have of you in my good ole times album with your zebra blanky on one of our band trips. :) LOVE it. Also... end of sophomore year was when I turned 16 and we shared chris. haha! Flagstaff trip... you know you wanna put that picture up of you and paige and the biore strips. Oh good times. :) Happy New Year! See you tonight! :)

Jen said...

Fun, fun flashbacks. It's hard to believe how much is actually packed in a decade. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the next one! But I hope yours is filled with a growing family!

Sara said...

Angee...I loved this post! But it made me feel really old...I graduated from BYU in 99!

Kristi said...

Oh wow that post was so fun!!! I'm totally copying! :)