Friday, December 4, 2009


We had so much fun over the Thanksgiving Holiday. We got to go to Utah to spend time with my family. Other than the cold, we had so much fun. Here are a few pictures of our adventure.

Robby and his Davey. These two are little pals and inseparable. Robby loves all of his nephews but I think Davey loves him back the most. :)

Sweet little Aaron. He LOVES camera flashes so he was just giving me smile after smile. He should so be a baby model. He's just the darlingest little thing.

This is the best picture of the 3 of them together. After this, Erik started pushing David in the head. While funny, not very post worthy. :) It's funny to think that these boys are only 10 days apart.

The night before Thanksgiving, we had a pizza night. We LOVED our veggie pizza and Robby and I ate the whole thing (quickly). My dad made a Brick Oven to make pizza in his backyard. He even made the Turkey in it for Thanksgiving. He spent a long time on that thing and it's so fun to see him reap the benefits. (and tasty for us too!)

My brother John and baby Aaron. We just LOVE his curly hair. It's so funny how much Aaron looks like John when he was a baby.

Our table setting at Thanksgiving. We had so much fun putting all this together. It looked like a very fancy dinner before we all sat down. We had a great time with my cousins who were able to come (those who didn't missed out on a great time!)

Me and Davey boy. He is such a cutie pie. Poor guy was sick almost the whole time we were there so he was a little bit of a momma's boy and between trying to steal him from Robby, this is the only good picture I have of me and him.

My dad and the twins. Erik walked over with the book and David was quick to sit down too. Then we all ran to get a camera to capture the sweet moment. (gotta love the reading glasses. He's such a grandpa now! lol)

CHEESE! Erik was being so funny. We were giving him Grapefruit juice and watching his expression. We would all laugh so he started smiling and making us laugh more. He reminds me a lot of Jimmy. Always ready to make anyone laugh.

Me and the boys reading "Snuggle Puppy" by Sandra Boyton. Her books are so much fun and are usually songs. We love snuggling up with those boys and reading.

We had such a fun time but it was SO hard to leave. We wish we didn't live so far away from the rest of our family. Well, more we wish the rest of the family didn't keep moving away from us. Hopefully soon, everyone will come back to AZ to stay!


DaNelle said...

Ah, So fun! I love your FAMILY! I didn't know your parents were such good cooks! Tell John I said hi!

Jen said...

We really felt like we missed out! It's hard having the family get so big! The little boys are all so cute! How fun!

Kristi said...

Great pictures Boo! I love the one of mom throwing the pizza. I love Grandpa (Dad) reading to my boys too. Darling!!! I'm going to steal some of them to post on my blog. :)

Yankee Girl said...

I love that picture of your mom!