Monday, March 23, 2009

"God is so good. He is taking care of me."

I get a lot of weird people calling in everyday to my job at University of Phoenix. I'm in a call center so I get people of all kinds, happy, sad, angry, fuming, you get the idea. Today a lady called in and wanted to order a new diploma. She goes in to her life story that she is terminally ill with cancer and doesn't expect to live long and wanted the diploma for her grandchildren to remember her by. When I went to charge her card, the financial system could not pull up her record, so I was able to send it to her free of charge. When I told her that, her immediate response was "God is so good. He is taking care of me." It touched my heart so much. This woman had so much faith even though she was slowly dying of a painful disease. I don't know what religion she was, what kind of background she had, or anything further than that, but she knows, and I know that God is taking care of us. It's such a comforting thought. Even though we have our trials and think He may have forgotten us, He hasn't. He's always with us and thinking of us. We are all His children. I cannot even begin to express the love I have for Him, knowing that He is taking care of me.


McRae Family said...

You are so right! Life is hard but the nice thing is that we don't ever have to be alone!

Kristi said...

I love you, Boo Boo!