Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lonely... :(

I'm at home all alone for a whole week! Robby left me to go to Connecticut for work. He left this morning and already I've cried a couple times. :( It's our first time being apart for more than 24 hours since we started dating 3 years ago. We're even spending our 3 year anniversary from our first date apart. :( I'm very sad! And very lonely! Hopefully this week will go by fast and then we will be off to Utah for Christmas! If anyone wants to help me be un-bored, call me!

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Sheena Curiel said...

I am lonely too!! That is why we are hanging out tonight!! It is pretty funny because normally I don't see Adam until 6pm everyday so I shouldn't be sad until night times but I am sad all day long. I guess I sure do love him!!