Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Good Day

I've been feeling a little down lately, which caused me to have a breakdown (or 2), deactivate Facebook, and watch way too much tv. So today, even after only 5 hours of sleep, I decided it would be a good day. That lasted through Grace's gymnastics class and promptly ended when I was flipped off by a lady who cut ME off. Well, a quick trip to chipotle and a coke, followed by amazing naps by 2 kids, and I was back.

So after naps, I decided to brave taking two children to the mall. *Cue scary music* Really it's because Grace has been begging to go to Disneyland so I did the next best thing. The Disney store. :)

We got to the mall and walk in and there is Loft! Woohoo! I had birthday money to spend and have been dying to get a new cardigan (it's chilly here year round so it's a need). We walk in and Grace yells "NOOOOOOO!" Lol. So I did what any good mom does, and bribed her. Errr. I mean offered and inspired incentive. If she was good she would get a "surprise". She then sat and said everything was "pretty" and wanted me to only buy things that are pink (her favorite color for now).

A cardigan, a sweater, and a long sleeve shirt later, we were off to get Grace's surprise. We walked by build a bear and I happened to have a $10 gift certificate there, so Grace got to make a new doggy. She was so cute picking out the animal, stepping on the pedal to stuff the doggy, kissing the little fabric heart and shoving it in. We asked her what the dogs name was. "Dace." Which is how she says Grace. Real original, I know. :) we made it out of there and only spent $3. Then we walked to the Disney store and watched the Disney movie clips, looked at princess dresses I can't wait to buy her, and window shopped. It was a really good time.

We got home and had dinner and put the kids to bed (who both fell asleep within minutes with no fuss) and had a nice night with Robby. I went to check on my babies and found my sweet princess curled up with her new doggy. :)

Even though being a mom came be entirely overwhelming sometimes, I am so glad I get to be a mom to these two sweet babies.


Rachel said...

Sigh, I know the feeling. I truly have found when I am down to not care about the little things like dishes and wether your house smells like pee and just go out a have fun with my kids.

Rachel said...

And not a.

Taylor and Kristin Williams said...

Sorry you're having a rough time. Sounds like I would have done the same thing. Rubios, Coke, Disney store. :) No wonder we're BFFs. haha! Wish you lived closer so we could play more often but hurray that we can play over Thanksgiving!!! :)