Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1 month

I can't believe our little Joey is here and already a month old! Wow, I'm bad at blogging... :) He arrived via c-section on December 4th at 9:02 am. He is such a sweet angel and I'm so incredibly happy that I get to be his mommy. I'll try to post more pictures and more of the story later, but for now, sleep is a little more important. This picture is both babies at exactly 1 month with their teddy bears. Joey is definitely on his way to outgrow Grace very quickly. :) I feel so blessed to have 2 little miracles through adoption and hope we can have many many more. :)

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Elizabeth O. said...

Angie I am so happy for you guys and your new little blessing Joseph. I'm excited to hear more about him and see more pictures. COngrats again!!