Thursday, October 27, 2011

I found this on another blog and thought it was a beautiful poem so I wanted to share it. :) We feel so blessed to have our little Gracie through adoption. I'm grateful for her birth mom making the loving choice to place Grace in our family. And we are so blessed again to be able to get to know expectant mom while she is pregnant and that baby boy will be a part of our eternal family too.

With a little one to love
And I prayed with hope
I prayed in faith
That soon the day would come-
That in my heart and in my arms
I’d hold a little one.

Like Sarah in the Bible
The days and years seemed long.
I waited for a miracle-
Would it ever come?

Unlike Hannah,
Unlike Sarah
It was not meant to be.
A little child would not be born-
Not from within me.

It seems like God just took me by the hand.
I heard him say, “This is the plan.”
I asked Him why this burden was mine to bear.
He said, “Find faith, I’ve heard your humble prayer.”

There’s a story in the Bible
A story I understand
About a woman who bore a child
And placed him in other hands.

She wanted him to be kept safe-
She traded sacrifice for faith…
And in the end he grew to be
One who looked upon God’s face.

Like this woman in the story
Another bore a son.
She traded sacrifice for faith-
And placed him in my arms.

Like Hannah, and like Sarah
My miracle had come-
And in my heart and in my arms.
I held my little one.

It seems like God just took my by the hand.
I heard him say, “This is the plan.”
Again, I prayed and humbly spoke to God above
For now I held a little one to love.

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