Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grace Eating Solids

I made Grace her first baby food! I made some organic sweet potatoes. I peeled them, boiled them, and then I put them in my Blendtec Blender. Then I fed them to my sweet little baby! :)

Here she is, smiling at daddy, totally ready for some food!

Opening her mouth WIDE for some yummy food.

Trying to grab the bowl and spoon. :)

All done and All Messy! :)


Shannon said...

yup....now the fun begins!

Brower Family said...

My kids always LOVED sweet potatoes! I am going to make my own baby food this time around. So much cheaper and I like knowing what is going into my baby's tummy. It is messy but so fun!

Taylor and Kristin Williams said...

YEA!! PS: Watermelon and Carrots both stain. :)

MissKris said...

Sweet potatoes were Averie's favorite!

Rogers Family said...

holy cow!! I remember those messy days! LOL! Love seeing pics of your cute Grace.