Monday, August 2, 2010


5 categories and 5 answers (not counting the tag)

Favorite TV Shows:
1: Glee
2: Bones
3: So You Think You Can Dance
4: Veronica Mars
5: Gilmore Girls

Favorite Foods:
1: Guacamole
2: Veggie Pizza
3: Spaghetti
4: Kettle cooked chips Salt n Vinegar
5: Crunchy peanut butter on pretty much anything

Favorite Movies:
1: Harry Potter
2: Eclipse (seriously loved it)
3: Star Trek (hate the tv show, love the newest movie)
4: Avatar
5: Juno

Pet Peeves:
1: People who use the wrong adoption language. My daughter was Placed in our home, not given up or given away. Vent over. :)
2: People who drive in the fast lane and don't drive fast
3: People who use their phones, do their makeup or smoke, all while driving - even worse if there are kids in the car
4: People who are late. If a party starts at 7, be there at 7.
5: People who ask me where I get my protein if I don't eat meat. Where do you get your vitamins if you don't eat enough veggies?

(I'm really whiny today. I blame it on the hormones.)

Looking forward to:
1: Grace's adoption being final
2: Having Grace sealed to us in the temple
3: Disneyland Challenge in September
4: Christmas and being with my whole family
5: Bringing more kids into our family through adoption

I'm typing all of this one handed because I finally got Grace to sleep, in my arms. :) Not going to tag anyone because I'm lazy but if you do it, great! Message me so I can read it!

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DaNelle said...

That's funny! I don't know why people always thing you don't get enough protein when you are vegan. You probably get more than most people. We've really tried to eat less meat. Honestly if we believe the word of wisdom it says to only eat meat in times of cold or famine. Good for yoU! Oh and ps. start a recipe blog....please