Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Words cannot describe how I felt today. The past 3 years on Mother's day have been SO hard. I never went until last year. I had this overwhelming feeling last year that it would be my last mother's day not being a mother. And it was. I feel so grateful that I was chosen by 2 wonderful birth parents and by my Heavenly Father to become a Mother. I could not be happier! Robby has seen how hard it has been on me for the past several years so he over compensated. :)

These are my pretty flowers. He picked them out all by himself! :) Usually I jump in and tell him which ones to get but I was busy picking out flowers for someone else. :)

Our new Flip Video camera. I'm so excited to start taking video and posting them for all of you! I know my parents are excited too!

I have been begging for the Glee CD on iTunes, so Robby bought me some gift cards. Some of these will probably be his too, but they were still all pretty in the package. :)

And probably my favorite gift ever, a Willow Tree figurine. It's called A New Hope. He picked it out while buying a gift for our wonderful birth mom and he couldn't have picked a better present. I am so grateful to be a mother and I'm so grateful for Kayla and the love that she has as a mother. And I'm especially grateful for Grace and the joy that she has brought into our home. She has only been home with us for a few days, and already my life has changed for the better. She brings such a sweet spirit into our home and we love her to pieces!


Heather said...

What a wonderful husband you have! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful mother's day! I'm happy for you!!!

Bob, Meghan, Bella, and Lola! said...

It was so wonderful to watch you, Robbie, Kayla, and the Lozanno's all together yesterday at Church with baby Grace. What an amazing gift from our Heavenly Father to bring you and Kayla together. Motherhood suits you, Angee. You looked radian, and Grace is just a beauty!

Sabra said...

I am so thrilled for the two of you! Grace is a fortunate girl. I am so excited for your new journey together as a little family. Enjoy each moment.

michaela jean said...

I am SOOO HAPPY for you :) :) she's beautiful! Happy Mother's Day Angee :)