Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Giveaway

One of these days I will actually win! :) But there is yet another giveaway. :) Mrs. R, from the R house, is giving away some of her jewelry that she makes. She started making this jewelry to help pay for the attorney while she was trying to ensure that her little G baby would be sealed to her family for eternity. She is currently giving away a necklace that sums up her very being of last year and this year. The necklace says "Come what May" and has an additional charm that says "And Love It." So on those good days, you can wear both. We all have our trials and how we overcome them is what counts. How we respond shows who we truly are. Every trial I have had has shaped me to the woman I have become. Some days, I can truly say I am grateful for my trials. Other days, I really am just surviving. That is why I want this necklace. I want to outwardly show that though trials may come, I will continue to love who I am and who I will become. If you want to check out the giveaway, go here. And if you feel inclined to enter, I won't hold a grudge (as long as I win!) ;)

1 comment:

mrs. r said...

what a great post! i love how you totally went with the theme!!!

here's to you "loving it!"