Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Once upon a time...

In honor of our Anniversary today, I wrote a little story. Enjoy :)

Once Upon a time, There lived a King and Queen

(I sure felt like a Queen on our wedding day-4 years ago today. I still feel like one for that matter)

For years, the King and Queen yearned for a child.

(Robby and nephew Jake)

(Angee and sweet Nephew David)

While they waited, they traveled far and wide.

(Horseback riding on Christmas in Yuma. It may not be that far away but I thought it was funny) :)

Their love for each other grew more everyday.

One day, they began looking for an Angel that would bring them their child.

(This is one of my favorite movies-excluding Disney movies)

They dreamt of this Angel often and prayed for her daily.

(Didn't have a picture of us praying. Go figure)

The King and Queen know their Angel is near and continue to search for her.

They pleaded with all their neighboring Kings and Queens to help find their Angel.

(This will one day have a link that goes to our adoption profile, still working on that)

One day, they will find their Angel and their lives will be overflowing with Joy.

(Our lives are already so full of joy, but I know a baby would be the magnificent cherry on top)


Brower Family said...

I love this Angee! I hope that you are this creative in your adoption profile! Mostly, just be yourself, and you will find that perfect fit! Good luck! I think of you both a lot! Happy Anniversary to you both! I KNOW you are very lucky to have Robby and he is very lucky to have you!

Yankee Girl said...

Sweet story. Congratulations on 4 wonderful years. I hope the next one sees all your dreams come true.

Sheena said...

Yep that made me cry! I hope so badly that you get that angel you are looking for and SHE/he comes soon!!! I love ya!