Thursday, August 28, 2008


My sister Kristi had her twin boys yesterday. :) Both babies are doing good. The first baby took a long time to come out. He played peek a boo with the doctor. He kept getting low in the canal when she would push and then sneak back up when she stopped. Finally the doctor got the suction thing and got his head and sucked him out. He got out and was handed to my brother in law, Steve. The doctor then got ready for the second one and shoved his hand up there to get the second baby turned around so that he could come out (ouch!). He was all ready to go and then the doctor got a really serious face (which is weird for him because he's the happiest man I've ever met) so they shoved my brother in law out the door while the doctor was demanding for a scapel that second. They cut her open and pulled the second baby out. He had the umbilical cord wrapped around his body and he wasn't able to breathe. They hooked him up to breathing tubes and took him to the NICU. They had settled on two names for the boys before they got to the hospital (but probably on the way there) but as Steve was in the hall with the brand new baby, it just didn't stick. So as he sat in the hall, he decided that baby A is David, he was 5 pounds 2 ounces and 18 inches long. After baby B came out, Steve came back into the room and said to Kristi, this is David (which was a name he hated while they were trying to pick out names but she loved it) and Kristi says baby B is now Erik (she named him after the doctor because he saved his life). Baby B (Erik) was 5 pounds 7 ounces and 19 inches long. Erik was in the incubator when I saw him this afternoon, but he is off his breathing tubes and can sustain his body temperature. He will probably be out of the incubator tomorrow (Friday) so he can spend some time with David, Kristi, and Steve. David is eating like a pro and will snuggle into you. The nurses guess that my sister will be able to go home Saturday or Sunday. They are the cutest babies I've ever seen! I took pictures on my phone but I failed to remember my digital camera! Boo on me! We will be seeing them this coming Monday and I promise I will remember then! :) Kristi is doing great after delivering a baby each way. She was up walking (well more shuffling) around. She is pretty drugged up but it makes for some fun conversations! (hee hee). I'm so happy to be an Aunt again and now we just have one more addition to the family to wait for. My brother John and his wife Holly's baby should be arriving shortly!


Joshua & Jessica said...

I'm glad everything went ok. I feel bad that she had to have them each way, but I guess what ever happens is supposed to happen. I'm going to try and to visit her tomorrow, if they will allow me to see her. (Since it is only 1 mile from my house). If I don't make it in there, tell her Congrats for me and I'd like to visit when they go home.

Jen said...

Wow, what an ordeal! I'm glad everything went well and that both babies and mom are doing o.k. I like the whole name story. That will make for good stories later on. They're both adorable and I'm so happy for them. Tell them congratulations from us and I'm so happy you'll get to help out with them. What a great day!