Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hey everybody. I'd really appreciate all of you and the great friends I have! If it's at all possible, I would really appreciate it if you could keep me and Robby in your prayers! We're really hoping for a special blessing and I need some help getting through the next couple weeks. Thanks for all your love and support! I love you all!


TheTennesseeWilliams said...

I will, Good luck!
Hope you guys are as well as you can be!

Jen said...

Angee, I found your blog on Heppy Family and my heart just goes out to you. It took well over a year for #2 and #4 for us and I know how it is to live in 2 week intervals. It can get pretty discouraging. We'll remember you in our prayers and wish you the best. In the meantime, just know that Heavenly Father has his own time plan for each of us and it is definitely the right time plan. I always try to think that the child has to be born at just the right time for them to have the experiences that are necessary for them. For instance the right friends, meeting their spouse, being a missionary at just the right time in the right place. All these things are so dependent on just the right time and place and your kids need to be born at just the right time. So hard as it is, just have a little patience and know you'll be blessed, but just in the right time. Remember the last conference and I don't know who said it right off, but "The Lord remembered Rachel." Good luck and I'm glad we can stay in touch this way!