Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Job

I start a new job tomorrow. I'm going to be a Sales Associate at Gymboree. It's only going to be a Friday and Saturday job and only about 8 hours a week. I'm excited though. It gives me something to do and I've always wanted to work Retail. I get a 40% discount but I don't know how much I am allowed to buy every month. I also got a new hair cut. I chopped off 3 inches and I love it. It takes a whole lot less time to do. I'll try to take some pics and post them on here.

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Sheena said...

Cool, I was wondering what happended with that job, 40% huh I could get some good stuff ;-) Hurry and take pictures because I want to see it, I want to cut my hair, but I won't you know because Adam doesn't like it, I bet it is so cute and so fun for the summer!